Mishloach Manot FAQ

What’s new this year?

Due to COVID, we will not hold a bag assembly event. Instead, our gifts will be assembled and delivered by a kosher third party (A Perfect Taste Catering).

I am considered out of the delivery area, but would really like to receive a package instead of a card – Do you have an option for me?

Unfortunately, no. This year, due to COVID, we are unable to offer you the option to pick up a bag. But, hopefully next year we can resume this option.

Can I purchase additional gift bags to give to non-TE families?

We have offered this option in the past, but this year we will not be offering it.

What if I prefer not to order online?

No worries! Simply download the paper order form. Complete the form and follow the instructions to mail it in, along with a check.

What should I do if I will not be home to receive a delivery between February 18-26?

You can donate your mishloach manot by checking off the box in your profile to donate. (We donate to Family Table and Yad Chessed.)

Can I order mishloach manot for people that are not members of Temple Emanuel?

While the program is really for Temple Emanuel members, there is an option to order gift packages to be shipped to anyone – anywhere in the US (for $36 each).

How does the reciprocity feature work?

Here is an example. Susan logs into happypurim.com and selects 10 families as recipients at a total cost of $60. She pays online with her credit card and receives a receipt. At the end of the ordering period in early February, the system determines that 3 families are sending to Susan that she has not selected as recipients. The system will automatically add these 3 families to Susan’s list and charge Susan $18. She will receive a second receipt for the additional $18. Susan will see this as a new charge on her credit card. Remember, this is an OPTIONAL feature. If you are at all concerned about additional charges, please do NOT select the reciprocity option.

Will all Temple Emanuel members receive mishloach manot as part of this program?

No. Only those members who are selected as a recipient by TE member(s) will receive a Purim gift or greeting, but last year we did deliver to over 1000 TE families!

I understand that not all TE members will be lucky enough to receive mishloach manot. Can I donate money to send to some families (perhaps members that are elderly or ill, or families that are new to our community) who would not otherwise be receiving?

Yes! We have included an option for you to donate additional funds for this purpose. We work with the clergy and the TE Chesed committee to identify members who might appreciate the additional outreach.

Will the mishloach manot gifts be kosher?

Yes, all edible contents of the mishloach manot gifts are certified kosher.

Will the system remember who I sent to last year and who sent to me?

Yes! If you participated in the program last year, the system has saved the names of those you sent mishloach manot to and of those who sent to you. They will be highlighted for you. You will be able to review these names (and check them if you’d like) before placing your order.

Is the website secure?

Yes, HappyPurim.com is very serious about security. They use 256-bit encryption to ensure the security of personal information and credit card numbers submitted to their servers. HappyPurim.com is tested and certified daily to pass the “McAfee Secure” Security Scan, ensuring that their systems are free from potential vulnerabilities and complies with the Payment Card Industries Data Security Standard (PCI compliant).

What about privacy?

Membership data belongs to Temple Emanuel, not to Happy Purim LLC. They will not share, sell, or distribute membership data to anyone.

What if I need help while I’m on the happypurim.com website?

For technical support please contact support@happypurim.com

I would prefer not to receive emails regarding this program. How do I have my name removed?

Our reminder emails are only sent to those who have not placed an order. Once you do place an order, you will no longer receive weekly reminder emails. If you would prefer not to receive ANY emails on this program, just send us a note at misloachmanot@templeemanuel.com and we will remove your email address.

Since this is a fundraiser, what are the funds used for?

Funds raised enable Sisterhood to support TE activities and charitable organizations – specifically, Family Table, who feeds hungry Jewish families in our community and Yad Chessed, who provides support for rent, medical bills and groceries to local Jewish families. This year, our donations to Family Table and Yad Chessed are needed more than ever!

You must need help in assembling and delivering the mishloach manot. How can I help?

Thanks, but not this year. Due to COVID, we will not be holding a bag assembly event. Instead, we will have our gifts assembled and delivered by a kosher third party (A Perfect Taste Catering). But hopefully, we’ll take you up on your offer next year!