Yisod – Young Adults

Yisod is a community of young adult members – including singles and couples without children – who get together once a month to celebrate Shabbat, holidays, and social events in order to form connections with each other and the broader TE community as they build the foundation (Yisod) of their future Jewish lives.

For more information on Yisod, please contact Rabbi Aliza Berger.  

Learn about Temple Emanuel’s New Initiatives to help ensure a vibrant Jewish Future

nextgen4Next Generation Initiative

Temple Emanuel’s Next Generation membership initiative is for new and existing members who are 36 years old and younger. No membership dues in the first year, and voluntary dues thereafter until the oldest member of the household reaches age 36. Temple Emanuel is community, spirituality, inspiration, friendships, connecting with your Judaism, enjoying a multi-generational community, a place to learn and grow, sharing Shabbat and the High Holidays. Join us! 

Upcoming Events

Yisod Spring Shabbat Mixer
April 28, 2017
Join us for SHABBAT ALIVE!, a musical Shabbat service and celebration featuring professional musicians and melodies from around the world!