USY Registration

Temple Emanuel Member**
Kadima: Grades 3-5
Junior USY: 
Senior USY: Grades 9-12
DUES ARE VALID SEP 1, 2019 THRU JUN 30, 2020
**Please note: Temple Emanuel members are billed along with their membership dues.

Online Payment of the Temple Emanuel USY dues is available for people that don’t want their dues included on their synagogue bill or for non Temple Emanuel members. Please use the online payment form after filling out the USY Registration Form.

USY Registration Form: 2019-2020 / 5780

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    Kadima: Grades 3-5Junior USY: Grades 6-8Senior USY: Grades 9-12
    Medical Information
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    Are there any special medical concerns or limitations to your child’s full participation in our youth program?
    Are there any food or drug allergies/special conditions/dietary needs/restrictions on activity/special circumstances of which the Advisors/Director should be aware?
    Parent/Guardian Permission
    I give my permission for my child to participate in the activities of the Youth Department. My child is permitted to use any transportation selected by the advisor and/or Director of Informal Youth Education. I give permission to Temple Emanuel and its agents to secure proper medical treatment in the event of an emergency.
    I give my permission for photos to be taken of my child, and agree that they may be used for Temple Emanuel promotional purposes, including but not limited to our website and social media.
    I would like to receive the weekly Temple Emanuel USY weekly e-newletter. Note that by opting out you will not receive information about upcoming events.
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    Membership Agreement
    As a representative of the Temple Emanuel community, I recognize my need to observe appropriate behavior at all times. I agree to be considerate of my peers and the Youth Department staff and I will follow all rules as set at the beginning of each program. While participating in a Temple Emanuel sponsored youth activity, I will follow the Jewish ritual laws regarding Kashrut and Shabbat and I will refrain from the unlawful use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. I understand that if I don’t abide by these criteria it may result in disqualification from attending future youth events.
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