Evening Services Together at the Gazebo

Join us at out outdoor service on summer evenings (Tuesdays and Fridays – weather permitting) on the lawn at Temple Emanuel. We can’t wait to come together again!

WHO : All Temple Emanuel Members will have the opportunity to pre-register

WHAT : Inspiring and informal socially distanced prayer

WHERE : Temple Emanuel Lawn near the gazebo near the Ashford Road side of the synagogue

WHY : Our medical advisors believe it is safe for us to hold socially distanced prayer outdoors

WHEN : Starting Wednesday, July 1st, every summer evening (weather permitting)


  • Sign up with our Temple Emanuel PRAYS registration system
  • Select the date you’d like to attend and reserve your own personal Daled Amot (6-feet of prayer space)
  • Each Daled Amot Circle can accommodate 2 people in chairs or 3 people on a blanket. Each Daled Amot Family Circle can accommodate up to 6 people. Bring your own beach chairs, blanket, or limited seating will be provided for those who wish to use synagogue chairs
  • All participants will be required to attest to medical health and affirm commitment to wear a mask throughout the entire time at Temple Emanuel in writing at the time of registration and verbally upon arrival


What if I’m not yet ready to come back to shul in person?

  • We will continue to stream all services every night–same place on our website, same time (7:30 pm each weeknight, 6:30 pm on Friday nights, varying with sunset on Saturday evening).

What if I forgot to register, can I just come?

  • Unfortunately, no. To ensure safe social distancing, registration will be required. No walkups allowed. But the opportunity to sign up will be available until 6:00pm each day.

What happens if the weather is bad?

  • Services will be “weather permitting.” If services cannot be held outdoors, registered attendees will be informed by email. Services will then be streamed by the clergy from inside the synagogue building.

Speaking of the building, does this mean the synagogue building is open again?

  • Not yet. We are in the process of putting in place the safety measures required before we can reopen in good conscience. We are also closely monitoring the medical situation and are in close consultation with our medical advisors to assess when a safe re-entry will be possible. In the meantime, our building is closed which means no restrooms available so, when coming to minyan, as our mothers used to say, “make sure to go before you go.”

What happens if I want to come but can’t get a reservation spot on a particular night?

  • If there is a specific date you would like to reserve and it is not listed, please contact Katelyn Bellina by email or 617-833-5158. If a spot opens up, you will be informed by email.

Why only in the evenings?

  • While we may add morning services as the summer goes on, current medical wisdom is that short socially distanced moments are safer than longer. Our evening service is short and sweet and therefore the safest place to begin coming together in prayer again.

Will prayer books be provided?

  • We encourage you to download the digital siddur so you can join from your own phone. Make sure you download the Siddur for the service you will be attending.
  • Limited prayer-books will be provided. Please place them in the bin provided after services. We will rotate separate bins throughout the week for safe use.

Will masks be provided? 

  • You will need to arrive at Temple Emanuel wearing a mask. Masks are required for the entire duration of your visit to Temple Emanuel.

Once I’m in my Daled Amot Circle can I take off my mask?

  • In an abundance of caution we require all who attend to both socially distance AND wear a mask at all times.Even if one of these alone may be sufficient, observing the mitzvah of Pikuach Nefesh, the primacy of protecting life, we expect of all our members the greatest care.

Can I come if I cannot wear a mask for medical reasons?

  • If you have a medical condition which prevents you from wearing a mask, both for your safety and that of others, please enjoy services via

Can my toddler come too?

  • We are only able to accommodate children who are able to wear masks and socially distance for the duration of services at this time.

Can I bring a friend?

  • Please come in individual or family groupings only and ask friends who you are not living with to sign up for a separate space of their own
  • Priority will be given to Temple Emanuel members

I just have a little sniffle, can I come?

  • Please come another time when you are feeling better again. In the meantime, please join us via livestreaming.

What should I bring?

  • Bring your own mask. Bring a blanket, lawn chairs, or other seating of your choice. Limited synagogue provided chairs will be available for those who prefer. It is often hot during the summer so feel free to bring a hat and sunglasses as well.