Establish a New Fund

Designated Funds

Over the years, Temple Emanuel has benefited in many ways from the generosity of its members. One of the significant ways that our members contribute to our synagogue is through donations to a “miscellaneous” or “designated” fund. The Synagogue Gift Funds list catalogs the broad list of active funds initiated by gifts from various members/families within our synagogue community.

As you read through the list, you will note that these funds were generally established to meet specific needs within our community, and are listed within eight broad categories. The funds are overseen by the Funds and Endowment Committee of Temple Emanuel which would like to express its ongoing appreciation for these kind gifts.

The committee also wants to increase the awareness of the availability of these funds to scholarship vintage orange seal isolated on whiteunderwrite programs. Do you have a programming idea, or are you in need of scholarship funds? The committee is here to assist in that area.

In addition, we hope to encourage donors to contribute to existing funds or establish new ones. If you have a particular interest or see an unmet need, help us fund it. Please feel free to respond using the contribution form. We see our role as facilitators linking programming ideas, scholarship needs, and donors, as we work to strengthen our synagogue community.

If you are interested in or thinking about establishing a new fund, please contact any member of the Funds and Endowment Committee for a Fund Agreement Form. Our clergy, president and committee members can work with you to help identify specific funding needs that meet your interests and those of our community. A minimum donation of $10,000 is required to initiate a new separate named fund.

By raising the profile of these funds and highlighting the effort of the Funds and Endowment Committee, we hope to do even more as we move forward. We hope you will find this list to be informative.

Thank you for your support of our synagogue community.

Funds and Endowment Committee Members
Howard Greene
David Bunis
Stuart Cole
Amy Klein
Ken Zises