Passport to Israel FAQ

Myra and Robert Kraft Passport to Israel Program – FAQ

Q: What is ‘Passport’?
waterfall-summer-08_smA: The Myra and Robert Kraft Passport to Israel Program is a unique savings plan to help parents send their children on a life-changing teen trip to Israel. You contribute money to a fund for your child which is matched by both Temple Emanuel and CJP. If you enroll in 3rd grade, you contribute $100 a year for seven years. That contribution is matched by the generous support of our members Isabelle and Scott Black. When your child takes a trip to Israel, CJP contributes another $700.

Q: Why Passport for my children?
A: Studies show that a teen Israel trip cements and strengthens a teen’s Jewish identity and establishes a lifelong involvement in the Jewish community and commitment to Israel.

Q: Who is eligible?
A: Any child in 3rd or 7th grade enrolled in a formal Jewish education program (Religious or Day School) who is a member of Temple Emanuel.  We also offer “catch-up plans” for parents to enroll their children in 4th or 6th grade.

Q: When can your child travel on a Passport to Israel supported trip?
A: Teens can use their Passport funds anytime after tenth grade or during the college years for any trip at least 7 days or longer.

Q: Will the accumulated amount pay for the entire trip?
A: No, but it’s a start, and there is a wide range of program costs determined by an array of factors including the length of the trip, how heavily a program is subsidized by various organizations, etc.

Q: Do all Temple Emanuel teens travel together on one program?
A: No, there are many wonderful teen Israel programs from which to choose.  Please check out our Israel Program Guide to see some of the options. Please note that all Jewish summer camp trips to Israel are eligible for Passport funds.

Q: How can I sign my child up? 

A: Find the Participation Agreement for your child’s current grade level. Complete the form, and bring it to the main office at Temple Emanuel along with a check for the corresponding initial enrollment fee.  Checks should be made payable to Temple Emanuel with “Passport” written in the memo.

Q: How do we access our Passport funds?

A: Once you have selected and registered for a program, contact the Passport committee chair, Debbie Slater and she will arrange for your PTI funds, along with the CJP match of $700, to be sent directly to the program’s offices. She will let you know how much is being sent over so you can deduct that amount from your balance due. Passport checks are sent at the end of the month. CJP does not write personal check to families.

Q:  Are there additional resources to help defray the cost?

Yes!  CJP’s Israel Teen Travel Summer Scholarships provide assistance covering up to 1/3 of the cost of participation in summer programs for eligible families.  Temple Emanuel also has a camp and Israel scholarship fund.  Many programs offer Early Bird discounts and additional scholarships.  It is helpful to try and plan ahead. Check our Program Guide for more details.

Q: More Questions? 

A: Contact one of Temple Emanuel’s Myra and Robert Kraft Passport to Israel Coordinators:

Debbie Slater
Ahava Rosenthal
Lisa Conti
Andrea Federmann