Rules of Participation

Myra and Robert Kraft Passport to Israel Program

Rules of Participation

The Myra and Robert Kraft Passport to Israel Program is a cooperative program in which families, congregations and the Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) each contribute funds toward an educational program in Israel for participating students.  The purpose of the program is to enable students enrolled in Jewish educational programs to have an Israel experience as part of their Jewish education.

For students enrolling at Temple Emanuel, Newton in the Kitah Gimel (3rd) grade, CJP will earmark $100 a year for seven years, while families and congregations will contribute a total of $200 each year to the special Passport fund.  For students enrolling in the seventh grade, the combined family/congregation contribution will be $400 a year for three years, and CJP’s contribution will total $700. If the family participates for the full seven years, a fund of at least $2100 (interest is earned on the contribution of the families and synagogue) will exist to help pay for an educational trip to Israel which the student will take between the end of 10th grade and the first year of college. The total will be slightly less for those enrolling in sixth and seventh grade.

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