MOST Immersion Program: National Havurah Summer Institute

National Havurah Summer Institute
Hartford, CT

What: In-depth Torah study, prayer, and collaborative learning with people from across the country.

Where: University of Hartford, CT

When: One week: July 23-29, 2018

Cost: All-inclusive cost of $940 per person.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided. Meals are kosher.

Accommodations: A room at the campus is provided.

Transportation: Everything takes place on the college campus. Transportation to Hartford, CT is covered.

Costs covered by the MOST program: Tuition, transportation, and accommodations.

Application process: Register online.

Suggested Background: The participants at the National Havurah Institute include people from ages 20 to 90, singles, couples, and families. People with little or no experience with Jewish text study are encouraged to attend. Classes are taught in English with English translation of all written materials. The overall program size is 300 students, with no more than 20-25 students in each class.

Shabbat: Shabbat at the National Havurah Institute is a huge event with singing and dancing. During the week, participants meet in their small classes and workshops, but during Shabbat everyone comes together for Shabbat services and celebration.

Faculty: The National Havurah Institute is taught by outstanding teachers, including two artists-in-residence and one liturgist-in-residence. Also, participants are encouraged to teach workshops in areas of their own interest or expertise.

Contact: Sarah Brodbar-Nemzer, Managing Director, phone: (781) 296-2277, email:

See National Havurah Institute website for more information.