Family Education

Family Education

“The parent who instructs by personal example rather than mere words, her audience will take her advice to heart. The parent who does not practice what he so eloquently preaches, his advice is rejected.” – Commentary to Ethics of Our Fathers

Families come in all shapes and sizes! Our congregation strives to be a warm, welcoming community for ALL. Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate in our Family Education offerings. Family Education at Temple Emanuel sponsors both community and school-based initiatives in order to encourage spiritual and religious growth in our families and help build connections within our community.

The goals of Family Education are to:

  • Involve family members in their children’s Jewish education from the earliest stages
  • Empower parents to become Jewish models and teachers for their children by providing skills and knowledge
  • Establish contexts for lifelong learning that will impact the family
  • Strengthen the home as a center of Jewish life

The Community Education and Celebrations provides a full list of the proposed programs for the upcoming year.

For more information, please contact Terri Swartz Russell, Director of Family and Adult Education.

Family Education is supported by our lay-led Family Education Committee.

The Family Education Committee includes both congregants and professional staff members who work to develop, define and support Family Education efforts and programs within the synagogue. The Family Education Committee sponsors both community and school based initiatives.

For more information about any of the programs or to volunteer for the Committee or to suggest or give feedback about any of the programs, please contact our committee chairs, Sheryl Dropkin 617-244-5641 or Robert Heinstein 617-795-2955 or Terri Swartz Russell at 617-558-8105.

New committee members are always welcome.

Upcoming Events

Celebrate Purim

Thursday, February 25 | 12:00 am

Fulfill the Mitzvah of Hearing Megillat Esther. Experience the Family Style Megillah Reading or a spirited full Megillah reading.