Live Stream – Frequently Asked Questions

Temple Emanuel is pleased to offer live broadcasts of selected events and services.

The transmission of these events can be viewed real time using any computer, laptop or mobile device!  In addition, an archive of selected events and sermons is available for viewing on-demand at a later time.

1- Why when I click on the Viewer does it ask me for a password?

No passwords are required for most of our broadcasts.  Please note that from time to time we will broadcast a private event (e.g. funeral or Live Stream test) occurring at the synagogue.  These events will not be available for general viewing and will not be listed in the broadcast schedule.

Unfortunately, the streaming software has a limitation during private broadcasts. During a private broadcast, the word “LIVE” will appear in the top left corner of the viewer and the software will ask for a password instead of showing you the previous broadcasts and the schedule of upcoming broadcasts.

In addition, if you remain on the live stream page, when the broadcast is complete, the viewer will not automatically update and will require you to refresh the screen.

We are working with the Live Stream provider to resolve this issue, but unfortunately at this time there is no workaround.

2- How can I watch a broadcast and also view the source material?

The easiest way to accomplish this is to open the Live Stream Source Materials page in a new browser window. 

    • On a PC: Right click on the link and select “Open Link in New Window”.
    • On a Mac: Hold down the OPTION key, and then Right-Click (or Control Click) on the link.
      Choose “Open in New Private Window”

Once the source document is open in the new browser window, the window can be resized and positioned next to the Viewer window.

3- I’m having trouble connecting to the website. I get a message saying that my browser was “Unable to Establish a Connection” or there is a “Server Error”.  Is there anything I can do to avoid this problem?

Some of our members are occasionally experiencing this problem while trying to connect to our Live Stream Broadcast.  We are actively working on the root cause.

As a work around, if this happen, it’s best to wait about 5-10 seconds and then attempt to refresh your screen.  You many need to repeat these steps several times before a connection can be established.

4- I missed a service or class.  Is there way to view a previous broadcast?

To view previous broadcasts please do the following:

1) Go the appropriate viewer on the Live Stream page:

2) Click on the viewer.

3) Click on Previous Broadcasts icon

4) Use the arrows to navigate to the archive you’d like to view.


1) If there is a Live Broadcast in progress then after the viewer starts you can view prior broadcast by clicking on the icon along the right side of the viewer.

2) These archives will not be available indefinitely.  Selected Sermons will be archived for the long term.  Selected other recordings will be archived as well.

We are interested in your feedback and want to make your online experience at Temple Emanuel as good as it can be.

Please don’t hesitate to inform us of any issues you may encounter by sending an email to Shaun Sander or Brian Lefsky