Application for Temple Emanuel Trustee

“The Board of Trustees shall act as an advisor to the Board of Directors and as a source of leadership and guidance to the Congregation.” Bylaws section 6.1. Among other responsibilities, a Trustee shall “serve as an ambassador for the Congregation to existing and potential Members and the broader community.” – Bylaws section 6.10(f).
The Bylaws and additional background, including our Governance Report, may be found on the Nominations webpage.

    Application for Temple Emanuel Trustee

    First Name
    Last Name
    1. Summarize your involvement (past and current) in the community, life and activities of Temple Emanuel, including committees served on and committee chair positions held, if any.
    2. What do you enjoy most about your membership experience at Temple Emanuel?
    3. Why do you want to (continue to) serve on the Board of Trustees of Temple Emanuel?
    4. What strengths, areas of expertise, and perspective will you (do you) bring to the Board of Trustees?
    5. Part of being a Trustee is to “serve as an Ambassador for the Congregation.” How would you plan to fulfill this role? (For example, being a Greeter at services, hosting or socializing at Java Gate Cafe, active participation in Brotherhood or Sisterhood, outreaching to visitors at kiddush, etc., etc.)
    6. Temple Emanuel’s Bylaws require each Trustee to comply with a 7-point Covenant of Responsibilities (Brit). Please reflect on the 7 responsibilities of the Brit (listed below) and indicate your willingness to comply by placing a check next to each obligation below:

    Brit for Trustees

    Be a Member in good standing of the Congregation

    Attend all meetings of the Board of Trustees (at least 3 meetings a year)

    Participate in and be supportive of Congregation activities

    Participate in the religious life of the Congregation

    Donate funds to the Congregation annually in a personally meaningful amount

    Serve as an ambassador for the Congregation to existing and potential Members and the broader community

    Serve as a mentor to newer members of the Board of Trustees and other Members to help identify and nurture emerging Congregation leaders

    This Brit is considered essential to carrying out the responsibilities of a Trustee. Are there any specific circumstances that you foresee that might get in the way of you fulfilling this Brit?


    Please explain:
    7. Describe any other factors the Nominating & Governance Committee should consider when reviewing your request to be (re)nominated to the Board of Trustees.
    8. Please provide the names of members of our Temple Emanuel community who in your opinion would make good synagogue leaders in the future.
    9. In addition to being a Trustee, do you want to become more involved in other parts of the Temple? (If you have specific ideas in mind, please note them.)
    Are you a current Trustee seeking re-election to the Board of Trustees?
    a. What have you liked best about your experiences on the Board of Trustees?
    b. What do you feel can be done to improve the Board of Trustees?
    c. To what extent do you feel your Board performance has upheld the responsibilities outlined in the Brit above?

    Thank you for your interest in serving as a Trustee of Temple Emanuel