Talmud this Shabbat: The End of the Civil War Days–Elizabeth Strout in Dialogue with Tractate Eruvin

Is it possible for us to be one nation?

Please read The End of the Civil War Days by Elizabeth Strout. It is (to me anyway) a hilarious and helpful response to the hard problem of civil war, within families and our nation. Surprisingly, while tackling this serious conundrum, the story is at times laugh out loud funny.

On Shabbat morning, we will consider three questions.

What is the story’s wisdom about how to respond to, and end, civil war?

How does this message compare and contrast to the classic Jewish message in the Talmud? Strout’s posture and the Talmud’s posture are very different from one another.

What does this story say to our divided nation now? Would her wisdom work for you?

See you on Shabbat!

PS If you happen to be easily offended, please do not read this story, which features
a dominatrix. The fact that one of the characters is a dominatrix drives the story. There is discussion at a broad level of what a dominatrix does, and it is not typical shul fare. So be forewarned, please do not read this if you might take offense.