Observance Resources

Ritual Observances

Temple Emanuel is a Conservative congregation that strives to transmit a love of Jewish living from generation to generation. Information on observance of Jewish practice and rituals can be accessed here.

Passover Resources

There are a number of resources available on the eight day festival of Passover and we’ve collected several of them here. We hope they will help you both address the details of observance and enhance your enjoyment of the holiday. Chag Sameach!

Learn to Lead Services

Interested in learning to lead services (or just participate more fully)?

To help you learn, click on the various services below and listen to the audio files provided.

1. Birkot HaShachar

2. Pesukei

3. Schachrit

4. Amidah

5. Torah

6. Conclusion

1. V’hu Rachum-Bar’chu

2. El Chay

3. V’haavatcha-Sh’ma

4. Umalchuto

5. Ki Hamalchut

6. Ushmor

7. Chatzi Kaddish

8. Chatzi Kaddish

9. V’hi Noam-V’ivt’chu

10. Kaddish Shalem

11. Havdalah- Friedman

1. Birkot Hashachar

2. Baruch Sh’amar

3. Mizmor Shir

4. Halleluyah

5. Bar’chu

6. Yotzer Or

7. Or Chadash

8. V’aher Eineinu

9. Vahabieynu

10. Sh’ma Yisrael

11. V’ahavatah

12. Amidah Shacharit

13. K’dusha Shacharit

14. Ein Kamocha

15. Vayehi Binsoa

16. Ashrei

17. Chatzi Kaddish

18. Amidah Musaf

19. K’dusha Musaf

20. Ein Keloheinu (Ladino)

21. Aleinu

1. Ashrei

2. T’hilat Adonai

3. Uvah L’tziyon

4. V’yivt’chu

5. Chatzi Kaddish

6. Va-ani T’filati

7. Va-ani T’filati

8. Vayehi Binsoa

9. Gadlu

10. L’cha Adonai

11. Y’halelu

12. Hashiveinu

13. Chatzi Kaddish

14. Amidah

15. Kedusha

16. L’dor Vador

17. Atah Echad

18. Atah Echad

19. R’tzeh

20. Kad’sheinu

21. R’tzeh

22. V’techezena

23. Hatov

24. V’al Kulam

25. V’chol Hachayim

26. Shalom Rav

27. Shalom Rav

28. Tzidkat’cha

29. Tzidkat’cha

30. Kaddish Shalem

1. Evening

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Study Materials

View these pages as you prepare for your bar or bat mitzvah.

Observing the High Holidays Away from Home

Are you a College Student trying to find a meaningful way to observe the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur away from your family and home?  We hope you find this booklet useful.

Shana Tova U’metuka!  Best Wishes for a happy and sweet New Year!