shabbatguide_page_01Shabbat Guide

This Shabbat Guide is a map to use as you enter the Gate of Shabbat, the Gate of Torah, the Gate of Prayer, and the Gate of Community. Avodah – passionate prayer and mitzvot –  performing God’s commandments, are the foundations of the Shabbat service.

bladesBlades of Grass

A midrash teaches us that behind every blade of grass, there is a special angel in heaven whispering encouragement: “grow, grow.” (Midrash Bereishit Rabbah, parsha yud, piska vav based on Job 38:33). This midrash captures who we are right now.

We are blades of grass, needing to grow. That is what Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are all about. How can we be more than we were last year? How can we do better than we did last  year?

If we read these essays thoughtfully, we can become each other’s rabbis and students. Better yet – we can become each other’s blades of grass and angels. Grow, grow. Read Blades of Grass.