Shabbat Talmud Study: The Best Kept Secrets of Shabbat

with Rav Hazzan Aliza Berger

In religious school as children, we learned how to pray. We learned where to bow and what to say. But we didn’t always have time to learn why. We didn’t always get the download of magic spiritual potential hidden in the service.

Today, we come to Shabbat services every week, and go through the motions of prayer. Sometimes the services touch our hearts, sometimes it feels like the whole point is just to bring us together as a community.

But there are so many treasures of meaning and transformation hidden within the Shabbat morning liturgy. When we hone in on the spiritual gems of our tradition, when we access the deeper wisdom of our ancestors, Shabbat can be an experience of enlightenment-a series of prayers which leave us feeling lighter and brighter after davening together.

Join me this Shabbos as we discover all the magical secrets of Shabbat morning that you wish you had learned as a child.

See you at 8:30.

Shabbat Shalom,