Chesed / Caring

Caring Community

Temple Emanuel is a caring community that provides support and assistance to its members in times of need.

Our Chesed Caring Community supports each other through the cycles of life by fostering relationships among Temple Emanuel members, including visits, calls, notes, rides to synagogue, and other activities that connect our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know someone who needs a caring visitor?

If you or someone you know is ill, has a parent or loved one who is lonely, homebound, or has a chronic illness and would like a telephone call or visit from one of our congregant volunteers, please complete our Chesed Request for Support Form contact Joan Mael at 617-558-8101.

Do you know someone who needs a ride to Shul?

If you know someone or are someone who is unable to partake in prayer at Temple Emanuel due to the lack of transportation, please complete our Chesed Request for a Ride Form – or – contact Joan Mael at 617-558-8101.

Chesed Volunteers connect people through the power of community. Would you like to be a Chesed Caring Community Volunteer?

No congregant should feel alone. A phone call, a visit, or a ride can make a world of difference to a synagogue member.  Please volunteer to be part of Temple Emanuel’s Chesed Caring Community. For more details, please complete our Chesed Community Volunteer Form – or – contact Jane Lenson.

Could you provide Shabbat and Holiday hospitality?

Would you provide Shabbat hospitality (meals and/or lodging) to out-of-town guests of a bar/bat mitzvah family who would like to be within walking distance of the synagogue? Or could you provide hospitality to other visitors who drive, but would like to have a traditional Friday night meal?

If you can provide temporary accommodations, please complete our Chesed Community Volunteer Form – or – contact Joan Mael at 617-558-8101.