Touchdown in Israel: How Aeneas Williams Came to be Our Closer

Watch NFL Films Show 1
Watch NFL Films Show 2

As you know, our Yom Kippur closer, the person who will inspire us right before the gates of Neilah clink shut, is Aeneas Williams, a Hall of Fame NFL player. We are now pleased to share with you two videos from NFL Films that provide some more context for how it came to be that Pastor Williams will be sharing Yom Kippur with us.

These two film clips show NFL greats-among them truly iconic stars like Joe Montana and Roger Staubach, Mean Joe Greene, Jim Brown, among others-playing their position in their prime, and then going to eretz yisrael this past summer, where they are beyond inspired. They have won Super Bowls. They have starred in Super Bowls. They have been cheered by tens of thousands. But their most inspiring day is to be in Israel.

In a world without enough bridge building, this is the bridge building we need more of. May we each be inspired by Aeneas Williams on Yom Kippur to find a personal relationship with God that moves us. May we each be inspired by this story to build bridges of our own.