Humans of TE: Bonnie and Larry Greenberg

Humans of TE: One Story at a Time – #TEGivesThanks #ComeHometoTE

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Bonnie and Larry Greenberg

Bonnie: “I am 18, going on 19, still got the world to view.”

Larry:”I am 19, going on 20, I’ll take care of you”

I wrote home that night (and Mom saved the letter)

“I met the man I’m going to marry one day.” 

THAT was a very defining moment in my life. Larry and I have been taking care of each other for 55 years . 

We were very focused on attaining our dreams of becoming a physician and a speech-language pathologist from day one. Those are the careers we enjoyed both here and in Israel. We were blessed with two children, David and Julie and adore our two grandsons, Alan and Steven.

We often think of our lives as “before moving to Israel and after returning from Israel”. Those years formed incredible family relationships from world-wide Jewry and deepened our commitment to Israel’s growth and stability. 

One of our retirement joys is the pursuit of photography. We’re called “Blazing Cameras” and volunteer to photograph on the TE photo corps and other venues.