Life Cycle Rituals



When you find your bashert, the person with whom you want to journey through life, Judaism teaches that it is a time to celebrate. It’s a time to gather the people that you love, who know you best and will be there for you throughout life. It’s a time to clarify your intentions—what are you goals as a couple? What do you hope to accomplish together?

Wedding Experience

We want to join with you in creating a wedding experience that is perfect for you. As you meet with our clergy, you will have the chance to learn about traditional Jewish ritual elements, to explore and express yourself and your partnership through the beauty of our tradition, and we will have the chance to celebrate your love within the context of our community.

In addition to working with you to plan and prepare for your wedding, our clergy are also delighted to meet with couples to offer pre-marital counseling and would love to invite you to celebrate your upcoming marriage with an auf ruf Aliyah before your wedding.

We celebrate love in all forms and are honored to join in marriage LGBTQ and non-binary couples as well.