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Temple Emanuel is a Conservative congregation that strives to transmit a love of Jewish living from generation to generation. Information on observance of Jewish practice and rituals can be accessed here.

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The responsibility for setting the kashrut[1] policy for Temple Emanuel rests with our rabbi as the mara d’atra[2]. The kashrut policy for Temple Emanuel has five facets, as follows.

Fasting: A Medical Perspective

Each year on Yom Kippur, Jews wish one another a khatima tova (a good seal in the Book of Life) and a tolerable fast. The route to a khatima tova is beyond the scope of this article; the route to a tolerable fast is described here.

Learn to Lead Services

Listen to our prayers to learn how you can lead services

Readings for a Monument Unveiling Service

The Bible tells us when Rachel died, Jacob set up a pillar on her grave. And so we come this day to honor the memory of our beloved.

View our Digital Yahrzeit Board

Honor the memories of your loved ones on our digital Yahrzeit board.

Shabbat Aliyah Request Form

If you are celebrating an anniversary, birthday, birth, retirement, any honor/accomplishment, or commemorating a yahrzeit, we want to honor you with an aliyah!

Past Recordings

View past recordings of our livestreamed services and community Zoom programs.

Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur


Tashlich is a ritual that is both symbolic and real—we hold bread crumbs in our hands and toss them into the water just as we imagine our “sins” filling those breadcrumbs and being tossed away. Celebrate Tashlich at home with our downloadable guide below and listen to Hazzan Sheini, Dan Nesson blow the shofar here.

High Holiday Family Booklet

Home Ceremonies for Erev Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur


Hoshana Rabbah

The 7th day of Sukkot has its own rituals

Sukkot Resources

Learn how to wave a Lulav & Etrog here.

Download our TE Sukkot Family Booklet below.

Passover Resources

TE Pesach Guide 2021

Preparing your Home, Mind and Soul for Passover

Rabbinical Assembly Pesach Guide

Rabbinical Assembly Pesach Guide

Pesach CD “Let My People Go”

Resources for your Seder

By The Jewish Theological Seminary

Mechirat Chametz – Selling Your Chametz

During Pesach, we are prohibited from owning any chametz. Centuries ago, our Rabbis established a legal method that enables us to sell our chametz to a non-Jewish neighbor and retrieve it at the conclusion of the festival. The document is called a “Shtar Mechira.”

Publications and Ritual Guides

Shabbat Guide

This Shabbat Guide is a map to use as you enter the Gate of Shabbat, the Gate of Torah, the Gate of Prayer, and the Gate of Community. Avodah – passionate prayer and mitzvot – performing God’s commandments, are the foundations of the Shabbat service.

Blades of Grass

A midrash teaches us that behind every blade of grass, there is a special angel in heaven whispering encouragement: “grow, grow.” (Midrash Bereishit Rabbah, parsha yud, piska vav based on Job 38:33). This midrash captures who we are right now.

We are blades of grass, needing to grow. That is what Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are all about. How can we be more than we were last year? How can we do better than we did last  year?

If we read these essays thoughtfully, we can become each other’s rabbis and students. Better yet – we can become each other’s blades of grass and angels. Grow, grow.