Travel to Israel

An Experience of a Lifetime

We are deeply connected to Israel, now and at all times. We offer regular classes and lectures about Israel, its beautiful land, its courageous people, and its dreams for peace.

We encourage all to visit Israel, whether with the Temple Emanuel community, as part of our annual Hartman Institute Study Trip or as a family, we hope you will go soon!


Rabbi Wes Gardenswartz

"As your Rabbi, on Rosh Hashanah, I am telling you that going to Israel is the single most urgent mitzvah you can do this year. If I can get you to do only one mitzvah this year, go to Israel."

Rabbi Michelle Robinson

"Go to Israel, to connect for ourselves and show our children the nation at the core of the Jewish soul."


Boston/Haifa Shabbat Dinner Exchange

Let us introduce you to some friends who will help you experience a typical Israeli Shabbat dinner in Haifa, our sister city. The Boston-Haifa Connection’s Living Bridges Group – which furthers people-to-people relationships – and Temple Emanuel can match you with a host in Haifa.

For more information, contact Merle Hass.