Life Cycle Rituals


At Temple Emanuel we see the process of giving/receiving a Get as an opportunity to hold sacred space for a couple to mark in a meaningful ritual moment not only their separation, but the beginning of a new chapter in each of their lives.

In the simple ancient ritual of one partner handing a specially crafted Get to the other who then takes three steps in a new direction, we give space for both mourning what was and making meaning for what can yet be. In this way, we do not leave the dissolution of the marriage to the courtroom, but offer an opportunity to create the closure that comes from reciting the ancient formula, “I release you.”

Of course, there are times when it is too painful for a couple to share the same space, or due to distance, coming together is not possible. In those cases, we can serve as “agents” to deliver a Get to one partner. At this time of COVID, we conduct these ceremonies in the gazebo on our synagogue grass.

The process of getting/giving a Get begins by emailing Hazzan Sheini Dan Nesson.

What is GET?

Traditionally a Get is initiated by a male partner and received by a female partner. Our practice also enables a female partner, same-sex, or non-binary partners to initiate the Get process.

We then contract remotely with certified Mesader Gittin Rabbi Scott Rosenberg who writes a unique contract for the dissolution of a marriage according to traditional halacha. Once the Get is complete and sent to us here at Temple Emanuel, we will then set up a time for the delivery ceremony.