Humans of TE: Tracy Schneider 

Humans of TE: One Story at a Time – #TEGivesThanks #ComeHometoTE

This November, Temple Emanuel gives THANKS to YOU, our community. Join us each day as we highlight a fascinating member of our community.

Tracy Schneider 

“I am married to my B’SHERT, my husband Bruce, now a retired OB/ GYN. My husband and I did our best to raise our children with Jewish values and traditions. We kept a kosher home and sent our kids to SSDS and Prozdor. I was raised by a conservative family who belonged to an orthodox shul in the western part of the state, so I carry and respect more traditional values. I was taught that everyone has a unique tale to be told, and my virtue is I listen and honor everyone I meet with loyalty and respect.

We have three grown children, a daughter- in -law, and an eight month old granddaughter. Our oldest son Alex is married and lives outside Washington DC and is a lawyer specialising in privacy and policy issues. Our middle son Gabe is in Global Corporate Banking at JP MORGAN in New York City. Our daughter, Dalia, the youngest, graduated college in May and is currently in Israel for the year as a MASA Fellow. I have instilled my love for travel and adventure in all of my children, and they on their own have travelled far and wide .

My first trip to Israel was when I was sixteen years old on an NCSY youth trip to Israel for eight weeks. I still remember the excitement and the anticipation that enveloped my spirit, it felt as if I had won the lottery. I will never forget that trip and each trip after to Israel has brought me an unwavering dedication to the land and to its people.

I love to cook and for the almost thirty – three years I have been married, make a multi course meal each night. Growing up, I watched my beloved parents come together every evening to share their day, their sorrows and their joys. Both my parents passed last year, and I am reminded of them through making my father’s favorite Rosh Hashanah honey cake or my mother’s holiday flanken.

I have always enjoyed the company of our elders in my family and community.  My own parents in their later years wove stories full of colorful characters from their childhood full of Yiddish monikers for supporting characters. These tales included my father’s WWII near death experience with the V1 bomb or my mother’s experience of multiple losses in her family from tragedy.  I sat for hours and listened to stories of a time long forgotten.  Years later, my children would sit spellbound by these same stories. I believe my patience and respect for an era gone by has helped me in my role at TE as advisor to senior programs. I cherish meeting so many of TE’s members as well as others from the Newton community .TE is a warm, engaging and dynamic community – and I try every day to provide programs for our active older adults that match the level provided by such a dedicated staff.”