Humans of TE: Zoe Kritzer

Humans of TE: One Story at a Time – #TEGivesThanks #ComeHometoTE

This November, Temple Emanuel gives THANKS to YOU, our community. Join us each day as we highlight a fascinating member of our community.

Zoe Kritzer

“I asked my mom what the defining moment of her life was, and she said it was when she met my dad. I asked my dad what the defining moment of his life was, and he made a stupid joke. (I think that says a lot about their relationship.) It must have been when I learned to read. I’ve gained so much value from books in my life, it’s hard to quantify. Books give us this funky ability to actualize fictional worlds beyond our own, which is crucial to the development of perspective. Perspective (especially in 2020) is a gift I cannot take for granted, and for that I’m perpetually in debt to books.

My family loves the Israeli soap opera “Shtisel.” We get the whole family together, sit on the couch and yell at the TV while watching together. It’s honestly amazing. 

I don’t think anyone is truly “unique” in the way we are often told we have to be, but that aside, I am the only person I know who enjoys dipping black licorice in Arizona ice tea, so I’m at least a little weird.”