Lisa Einstein

Lisa Einstein

Senior Marketing Consultant

Departments: Administrative

Lisa Einstein grew up in a small town in Upstate, NY as one of only a handful of other Jews her age. This lead Lisa to become active in her synagogue, USY and Jewish life.  Having been born to Israeli parents and grandparents who were Holocaust survivors only pushed this desire further.

She graduated from Binghamton University in 2003 and later decided to immerse herself in the most Jewish place she could find outside of Israel, Brookline, Massachusetts. While there, she met her soulmate in the apartment down the hall, and the two later married and moved to Sharon, MA where they currently live with their three kids, dog, cat, and the occasional other pet.

Before joining Temple Emanuel, Lisa worked as the Director of Marketing for the American Heart Association. She has always loved being creative. Marketing allows her the chance to turn her visions into reality while making an impact for an organization she believes in.

When Lisa is not coming up with social media and marketing ideas, she can be found singing a cappella with her group, Shir Rhythm or hiking with her dog, Maya. She loves adventure and travel and has enjoyed being at Temple Emanuel.