Wesley R. Gardenswartz

Wesley R. Gardenswartz

Senior Rabbi

Departments: Clergy

Shira and I have always blessed our children, Nat, Davide, Sam and Jordana, with this blessing: “May you love Monday mornings.”

Don’t live for weekends. Don’t live for off-hours. Don’t live for vacations. Live for Monday mornings. Be so excited by
Monday mornings that you can’t wait to get to it.

For 24 years, Temple Emanuel has fulfilled that blessing for me. I love everything about this holy community. I love the people.
I love the prayers. I love the singing, the duets, the harmonies, that give me goosebumps for the thousandth time. I love the learning.
I love working with so many purpose-driven people to create a more just world. I love the wrestling. I love the creative tensions. I love
the aspiration to get ever better. I love my colleagues. I love our lay leaders. I love the opportunity to walk with you, the members
of Temple Emanuel, through life.

May we continue now to walk together through the darkness of 2020, slowly but surely, to ever brighter days, to many weeks of Monday
mornings that promise connection, community, friendship, learning, growing, meaning, and joy. Something magical and mystical regularly
happens at 385 Ward Street: sublime moments when together we can feel the presence of God, fulfilling the Torah’s vision: “Build me a
sanctuary so that I can dwell among the people.”

Temple Emanuel, thank you for being the answer to my deep prayer.

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