Why it is Really Important to go to the AIPAC Dinner

This coming Sunday, the day after Pesach, Michelle and Elias are leading 23 of our members on the March of the Living, to the camps in Poland, and from there to Israel. In past years, that trip has marked the historic hatred of Europe for the Jewish people. This year, in addition to marking historic anti-Semitism, our people are dealing with the fact that, presently, Jews are being burned in effigy in Poland. Presently, the alt-right party in Germany, that says enough with Holocaust remembrance and contrition, is growing in power and in numbers in a very scary way. Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israel sentiment are tragically flourishing today.

What do we do in response? We need to recommit to Israel. We need to recommit working together across political lines to unite for the safety and security of Jews throughout the world.

AIPAC is a truly bipartisan cause that aspires to unite us across political lines. That is why Shira and I have been going to AIPAC dinners in New England for years. This year’s AIPAC dinner on Sunday evening May 5 is particularly urgent.

It is urgent because the recent election in Israel was very challenging not only for
Israelis, but for many of us here who love and support Israel. Many were disappointed. Many were delighted. We were and are divided. But our love of and commitment to Israel must transcend this division. We stand with the people of Israel, we stand with Israel as our historic homeland, we stand with Israel as a place where Jewish values can live – work in progress though that may be.

Israel and the US-Israel relationship need you now. Stand up and be part of Boston’s largest pro-Israel gathering with members of Congress and local officials. Please register below.

SUNDAY, MAY 5, 2019
Seaport World Trade Center
200 Seaport Boulevard, Boston
Event Website: events.aipac.org/nedinner

Ellen and Steven Segal

The Hon. Jennifer Granholm, Michigan Governor 2003-11,
Governor Charlie Baker, Massachusetts Governor 2015-present

5:30 PM – Dinner Reception
7:00 PM – Theater-Style Program


Shira and I look forward to seeing you on May 5!

Chag Sameach,
Rabbi Wes Gardenswartz