Communications Guidelines

Temple Emanuel Brand Style Guide

Brand guides govern the composition, design, and general look-and-feel of a company to ensure all departments stay on the same page and present a unified vision to the public. Think of Coca-Cola Red or Facebook Blue, they are instantly recognizable.

Our Tagline

We are excited to debut our new synagogue tagline which encompasses who we are. Please use this language and design when able: A Jewish Community for a Better you and a Better World.

Our Logo

Our logo is the most important part of our brand. It’s the one thing that everyone should immediately recognize as belonging to us, and only us. The preferred logo is vertical. This should be used whenever possible. A white version of this logo is also available for use on dark backgrounds.  You can download our logo – Seven

Our Color Palette

To create a consistent look and feel throughout the synagogue, we have put together a preferred color palette. These colors pull from our seven gates and are featured on our website and marketing materials. When able, we ask that you use these colors. Grey, red and yellow may also be added in as accents when needed.

Green: Pantone 348C (RGB 0,132,61)

Blue: Pantone 7691C (RGB 0,98, 152)

Purple: Pantone 7662C (RGB 122, 65, 131)

Orange: Pantone 715C (RGB 246, 141, 46)

As a reminder, to PUBLICIZE an event at Temple Emanuel, it’s as easy as 1,2,3.

Step 1


8-12 weeks before event

Contact Katelyn Bellina by email or at 617-558-8108 and the Zoom team  (Virtual only) to reserves space.  

Please provide event name, time, location, cost and setup.

Step 2


6-8 weeks before event

Email with your short 40 word blurb, website link and a flyer or image to be promoted in any of the following:

  • TE Website
  • Weekly E-Newsletter
  • Stand Alone E Blasts*
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Graphics, Ads, Invitations



 Email AFTER the event with photos, a sentence or two about the event and photographer name.


  • to ensure each event/initiative gets its proper time in the spotlight
  • to consistently make the best use of each communications vehicle
  • so you know what is needed from you, when and where to send it
  • so you know what to expect
  • to ensure we don’t over-communicate to our members


Please include the TE logo on all promotional material when able. It can be found here: Seven

You can download a printable version of these 1,2,3 Guidelines here.

*Please note: The Marketing Communications team has final discretion on inclusion, format and type of representation.

For Questions, Contact