Temple Emanuel is a community of connections and relationships. We strive to be a sacred community, committed to shared values that strengthen our connection to each other, our Temple Emanuel community, and our Judaism. Explore the many opportunities to connect to our community, whether by working on a committee of interest, joining a social group or volunteering to be part of our caring community offering support and assistance to others.  If you need support, we are here to help. Offer up your expertise, connect with others who share your passion, or explore new opportunities to get involved in our community.  We look forward to your participation.

Committees & Social Groups

Committees are the heart of our synagogue. We are exceptionally proud of the work done by all of our Committees. Committee membership is a wonderful way to become involved. We encourage you to contact committee chairs to learn more. If you’d like information on which committees currently need volunteers, please contact:


updated 1/21/2020

Adult Education
Programming includes guest speakers, multi-part courses taught by outside scholars, classes taught by our Rabbis, and in-depth learning such as Me’ah and Ikkarim. Learn more …
Annual Appeal/Fundraising
Encourages financial support for the many programs and services offered at our Shul. Learn more …
Reviews the Congregation’s financial statements, books, records and accounting systems, and reports its findings and recommendations to the Board of Directors.
Bar and Bat Mitzvah
Engages in the full process of preparing children for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, beginning with the scheduling of dates through to the service (and everything in between).
Responsible for the community Barbeque we enjoy every fall.
617-816-3090 (c)
Provides practical and emotional support to mourners in all aspects of the shiva observance, from house-sitting during the funeral to leading minyanim in the home, offering assistance before and during shiva week, and during the first month after the death. Training for volunteers is provided. Learn moren about the bereavement committee, its important work and helpful resources. Learn more …
Make new friends, bond at some of our monthly activities, volunteer at synagogue eventsand/or participate in social action causes. Whether your interests are Prayer or Pool, Tefillin or Touch Football, Study or Scotch, Brotherhood members are there. All men are welcome to join us on the first Monday evening of each month, for Minyan, Meeting and our popular Meeting After The Meeting. Learn more …
Spearheads the synagogue’s mission to welcome, value, and enable full participation by members and guests of all abilities. Learn more …
In a series of meetings January through May, meets with department heads, clergy and committees to compile and reconcile a budget for the synagogue each year.
Recommends changes and additions to the synagogue’s By-laws to the Board of Directors.
Maintains Temple Emanuel’s Cemetery in Randolph and oversees the maintenance contracts and sales of the hundreds of available lots. Learn more … Learn more …
Chapel Minyan (Shabbat)
A lay-led Shabbat service with full participation in all aspects of the service, including lehning, chanting haftarah, giving a drash, or just davening with the group. Generally we meet twice a month. Check the website and Bulletin for schedule of dates. Learn more …
Chesed – Caring Community
Encourages our ability to support each other through the cycles of life by fostering relationships between Temple Emanuel members, including visits, calls, notes, rides to synagogue, and other activities that connect our community. Learn more …
Children’s Services
Provides creative input, lay support and feedback for our Shabbat morning children’s services, including our weekly Tot Shabbat and Ruach Shabbat including a monthly, lay-led Family Service, as we work to enhance the Shabbat experience for our children and young families. Learn more …
Daily Minyan
A full participatory, lay-led service that meets daily in the Gann Chapel, morning and evening. Learn more …
Oversees the annual allocation of the Temple Emanuel Endowment and monitors its investments.
617-515-4783 (c)
Responsible for oversight and direction of day-to-day syngagogue operations, including policy implementation, personnel and financial matters, and the expenditure of funds in accordance with the Budget. Empowered to act on behalf of Board of Directors between meetings.
Family Education
Working with the Family Educator, the Committee assists in providing a wide array of educational options for families. Learn more …
Family Service
Provides creative input and support for our lay-led Ruach Shabbat Family Service, as we work to enhance the Shabbat experience for our children and young families. Learn more …
Funds & Endowment (Synagogue Gift Funds)
Coordinates with donors who wish to establish named funds and endowments at our synagogue and oversees the management and operation of existing funds.
Greeters (Saturday morning)
Greeters (Friday evening)
Volunteers greet people attending Shabbat services and make visitors feel welcome. Join us by serving as greeter for a service.
Sets up and supports Havurot, groups of five to eight families, couples or individuals who get together to celebrate Jewish holidays and life cycle events and ordinary social activities. Learn more …
Holocaust Memorial
Organizes and produces the community’s annual Yom Hashoah Holocaust Remembrance Day event. Learn more …
Responsible for the repair and maintenance of the physical plant of the Shul, including everything from cleaning to landscaping to HVAC.
Interfaith Family Connections
Serves in an oversight and advisory capacity to insure interfaith families are welcomed and included in our Congregation, and addresses issues that may arise around life cycle events and holidays in interfaith families. Learn how Temple Emanuel strives to be a welcoming environment for interfaith families. Learn more …
Israel Action
The Israel Action Committee works to strengthen Temple Emanuel’s connection to Israel and support for Israel. Our activities include, advocating for Israel within the community and the US, informing the community about current issues related to Israel and educating about Israel through programs, speakers, movies and articles. Learn more …
Java Gate Café
Recruits greeters to host the Sunday morning Java Gate Café, answering questions and chatting with synagogue members over complementary gourmet coffee and pastries.
(Rabbi Samuel Chiel) Kallah
Plans and organizes the annual Rabbi Samuel Chiel Kallah, a stimulating weekend of prayer, study, and good fellowship, named in 1978 as a tribute to the values taught by our beloved Rabbi Samuel Chiel z”l.
Lang Judaica Shop
Provides Judaica items for purchase, including those from Israel, to raise funds for Sisterhood special projects. Lang Judaica Shop phone 617-558-8106. Learn more …
L’Chaim – Seniors
Invites seniors on Tuesday afternoons to share a variety of programs such as music, bingo, health, nutrition, Israel, books, and trips. Refreshments are served. New members, especially from synagogue families, are welcome. Learn more …
Legacy Society
Dedicated to endowing the future of our beloved community. Learn more …
(Rabbi Marshall R. Lifson) Library
Operates the Rabbi Marshall R. Lifson Library, insuring our community has access to the world of Jewish literature and learning through books, music and movies. Activities include publicity, circulation, processing and maintaining the physical collections throughout the synagogue. Learn more …
Literacy Volunteers Tutors
This sub-committee of Social Action is sponsored by the JCRC’s Greater Boston Jewish Coalition for Literacy in conjunction with Boston Partners in Education. Synagogue members work on a one-to-one basis with students at the Ohrenberger School in West Roxbury. Training for volunteers is provided. Learn more …
Welcomes new members to the Shul. Organizes outreach to prospective members and others interested in the extraordinary range of experiences available to our members.
Develops, plans and implements a broad range of musical programs, both religious and secular in partnership with Cantor Rosemberg. Learn more …
Nominating & Governance
617-515-1761 (c)
Nominates candidates for officers, directors and trustees; and identifies governance issues. Learn more …
PG-45 K’Sharim (Connections) – Empty Nesters
A social group with activities of interest to members, singles and couples, with older teenage and young adult children (“empty nesters”), helping them make new connections to the synagogue community. Learn more …
PTA – Religious School
Comprised of religious school families of Temple Emanuel, the PTA provides financial support for religious school activities and arranges for volunteers for events.
PTO – Preschool
Plans and provides a variety of events that help strengthen the community of our Preschool families and enrich the Preschool experiences of the children.
Passport to Israel
The Myra and Robert Kraft Passport to Israel program is a unique savings plan to help parents send their children on a life-changing teen Israel experience. The program is designed so that the community, through the synagogue and CJP, helps families make possible a trip to Israel during the high school years. The synagogue’s participation in this program is made possible by the generous support of our members Isabelle and Scott Black. Learn more …
Addresses issues relating to Temple Emanuel employees. Makes recommendations to the President, the Executive Committee or the Board of Directors, as appropriate.
Photo Corps
We are congregants dedicated to photographically capturing key moments of synagogue events throughout the year. Learn more …
Religious Life
Acts as a sounding board for the Rabbi and other officials on policies pertaining to ritual practice and helps formulate policies on these matters. Keeps abreast of changes in the Conservative Movement and brings them to the attention of the Congregation. Helps out with services as called upon. Learn more …
Scholarships for Summer / Israel Programs
This subcommittee of the Funds and Endowment (Misc. Funds) Committee identifies financial need among families who have expressed interest in sending children to either Jewish summer camp or to Israel. Determines and taps funding sources.
Oversees the operation of the Religious School, subject to Board of Directors’ approval.
Seminars for Later Life
This subcommittee of Social Action, addresses issues of interest to those providing care to, planning for, or in later life, including the Seminars for Later Life series each spring. Learn more …
Shabbat and Holiday Hospitality
Assists in locating and coordinating housing for guests who need housing within walking distance of the Shul. Welcomes new volunteers who live close to the Shul and can provide housing and/or a Shabbat meal. Can also assist in pairing guests with those interested in hosting others for Shabbat or holiday celebrations. Learn more …
Maintains and preserves Jewish heritage by connecting Jewish women of all ages to one another, the synagogue, and a Jewish way of life. Creates and funds programs and events for the Temple Emanuel community while fostering awareness and activism for the Jewish community at-large. Learn more …
Social Action / Direct Services
Develops and supports programs that embody the Jewish concept of social justice and create a greater sense of community based on Jewish values. Conceives, plans, and implements specific projects to improve lives and build bridges to the Greater Boston community, including Literacy Volunteer Tutors, Family Table, Sunday’s Bread and Annual Coat Drive. Learn more …
Social Action / Social Justice Advisory Board
Acts both within our own Temple Emanuel community and beyond, addressing systems that affect the lives of the wider community.
Stars of David
Assists Jewish adults with developmental and other disabilities strengthen religious and social connections with the Jewish community. Welcomes new members, especially from Temple Emanuel families, and also new volunteers to help with monthly meetings. Learn more …
TE Tots – Young Families
Provides programming, community activities and support for parents of young children. Learn More… Learn more …
United Synagogue Youth
USY provides a safe and fun environment for 7th through 12th graders to engage in religious, social and community-oriented activities as well as access to participate in regional and national USY programs. Activities include Limo Scavenger Hunt, Turkey Dance, Shabbat dinners and overnight retreats. Learn more …
Ushers play a central role in the Shul’s services by greeting congregants, passing out aliyot and honors, and generally helping to create a smooth flow to the service and a haimish environment for worship, enhancing the Shul’s spiritual life.
Maintains and enhances the synagogue’s website to facilitate the promotion of Temple Emanuel services, programs, events, organizations and advertisers. Webmasters also manage public e-mail groups and advise on Temple Emanuel technology-related issues.
Yisod – Young Members
617-999-7413 (c)
Yisod is Temple Emanuel’s young adult community. Learn more …
Supports and advocates for the Harry Kraft Youth Department. Provides guidance to the Youth Department staff and helps set goals and plan activities for the informal Jewish education of our children in grades 3 through 12. Our youth groups are: Chalutzim for 3rd and 4th graders, Kadima for 5th and 6th graders, Jr. USY for 7th and 8th graders, and Sr. USY for 9th through 12th graders.

Temple Emanuel Policy on Activities and Programming

1. Temple Emanuel (“TE”) recognizes that we are a big tent comprised of members with diverse interests and views.

2. Meetings. Members working together in groups may use TE’s meeting rooms (subject to availability) for small group meetings of TE members only and for purposes related to TE’s Mission Statement.

3. Activities and Programs. Members interested in holding a program or event at TE must seek and obtain prior approval by submitting in writing to the TE Executive Director the title and a short summary of the program or event, and the identity of any speakers, outside individuals or organizations sponsoring or participating in the program or event. If the program or event is open to non-TE members, then payment arrangements must be made with the synagogue office.

Programs or events must be consistent with TE’s Mission Statement; must not advocate anti-Semitism or intolerance based on race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, disability, gender or sexual orientation, or demonization, deligitimization of or boycott, divestment and sanctions (“BDS”) against Israel; and must not vilify individuals or organizations. TE’s President and Board of Directors have sole discretion whether to approve or deny approval or set parameters for any program or event for any reason, including but not limited to resource constraints, the involvement of particular individuals or organizations in the program or event, or the content of the program or event.

4. Communications. Members working in groups (other than TE standing committees or official TE programs) may not use TE’s name or logo to identify their group, nor may such a group or individual advertise in any way that suggests or implies that the group, program or event is endorsed or sponsored by TE or our clergy. TE members may state that their program is intended for TE members and/or that their group is comprised of TE members. TE will develop guidelines to help members comply with this policy.