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As a Conservative synagogue, Temple Emanuel supports kashrut as a basic tenet of Judaism. Our Main Kitchen, which may be used for either fleishig (meat) or milchig (dairy) meals, serves the Adelson Community Hall, Reisman Hall and the Benjamin Vestry.

Any group using our facilities must adhere to our standards of kashrut, no matter what their personal level of observance may be, so that any member of the Jewish community can feel comfortable eating in our building.



Kosher Caterers

It is important to note that no more than one approved kosher catering organization can use the kitchen at one time. Only one kind of meal – dairy or meat – is to be prepared at a time in any given work area. Set-up, plating and lay-out for presentation or serving are part of preparing the meal.

These restrictions require that when there are simultaneous functions (in the afternoon or evening), both parties must engage the same caterer.


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