Security at Temple Emanuel

We continue to reassess our security needs in tandem with Newton police and security professionals.

Due to the hard work of our security committee over the past several years, we have implemented a number of security measures based on their regular check-ins with police and other security experts. In light of the horrific acts in Pittsburgh, we have taken immediate action in implementing the next phase in our security plan in ensuring that armed security guards will be stationed at both doors when the building is opened.

We could use your help as together we can stand stronger:

  • If you notice someone who looks out of place or acts in an unusual manner, please inform a Temple Emanuel staff member Or, if you feel particularly threatened, call 911.
  • Please make sure you bring your fob with you when you come to the building. If you do not have a fob, please contact the office to receive one. Please do not share your fob with anyone else. Please report lost fobs immediately.

As always, we continually strive to strike the right balance between establishing a secure and safe space while maintaining a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Jeff Lurie, Temple Emanuel’s Executive Director.