Synagogue Gift Funds

To Honor Friends and Loved Ones or commemorate a Yahrzeit,
Please consider contributing to one or more of our Synagogue Gift Funds

Use our contribution form or donate online by clicking on a fund below.

Please note that for all online donations, a 3% convenience fee
will be added at checkout to cover online processing fees
Art, Library and Music Funds
These funds support the cultural enrichment of our synagogue community
Rhoda Kaplan Memorial Music Fund
   Supports the library’s music collection

Levenson Music Fund
   Funds the synagogue’s music programs

Rabbi Marshall R. Lifson Library Fund
   Supports programming and the library book collection

Lois Alexander Children’s Book Collection
Jordan Bennett Weiss Youth Collection
Zelda & Phillip Smith Jewish Life Cycle Fund
Syrille Rosman Art Fund
   Enhances the visual and cultural beauty of the

Aaron Bell Student Cantorial Arts Fund
   Cultural and music appreciation – funded the
Shabbat Alive CD

Drucker Book Fund
Saul B. and Naomi R. Cohen Chamber Music Fund

Building and Grounds
These funds support beautification of the synagogue’s building, grounds and cemetery
Berkson Garden Fund
   This fund supports the maintenance of the synagogue’s
landscaping and grounds

Silver Garden Memorial Fund
   This fund supports beautification of the
synagogue’s grounds

Temple Emanuel Memorial Park Fund
   Supports beautification and perpetual care of
the synagogue’s cemetery

Education: Preschool, Religious School, Family and Adult Education
The following funds support educational programming for our membership
Adelson Nursery Gift Fund
   Supports Preschool programming

Meryl Heier Nursery School Fund
   Provides funds for staff development and
preschool education

Frank and Sonia Brezniak Memorial Scholarship Fund
   Provides books for Religious School graduates
who have exhibited perserverance and
determination with regard to their studies

David and Diane Feinzig Education Fund
   Supports Religious School and educational

Abraham and Rose Freedman Education Fund
   Rewards excellence among Religious School
students; supports educational programs such
as lectures and concerts

Rosamond & Harvey Grant Fund in Memory of
Michele Grant-Epstein

Provides Religious School students with their first
siddur, in loving memory of their beloved daughter

Carole and Barrie Greiff Education Fund
   Provides funding for the Religious School

Abraham & Frances Katz Endowed Chair Fund
   Supports a teaching position and improvements
in Hebrew language instruction in the Religious

Dr. Trudy Karger Family Education Fund
   Funds used to enhance family education

Armet Excellence Award Fund
   Prize for top students graduating from the
Religious School

Smith Holocaust Education Fund
   Holocaust education programming

Nursery School Gift Fund
   Provides general support for the Preschool

General Religious School Gift Fund
   Funds Religious School programming

Adult Education Fund
   Supports programs that foster lifelong learning

Israel and Jewish Continuity
These funds build awareness of and connection to the State of Israel
9th Grade Israel Trip Fund
Supports trip for our 9th graders, connecting them to Israel

Edelstein Jewish Continuity Fund
   Presents Programs that support Israel

Harold and Nancy Parritz Israel Action Fund
   Presents programs that support Israel

Temple Emanuel Forest Fund
   Supports the JNF efforts to plant trees in Israel

These funds support and encourage religious observance
Barouch and Channah Berkovits Daily Minyan Fund
Bereavement Support Fund
   Assists families at their time of loss

Brezniak Chapel Fund
   Funds special programs

Rabbi Samuel Chiel Kallah Fund
   Funds annual Rabbi Samuel Chiel Kallah

Anita & David Granoff Fund to Encourage Teen
Torah Readers

   Promotes teen Torah readers

Prayer Book Fund
   Funds new prayer books

Publications Fund
   Funds Rabbi’s publications

Scholarship funds are broken into three broad categories

Scholarship – Prozdor
These funds provide scholarships for the Temple Emanuel Religious School graduates attending Prozdor
Reva Aronson Memorial Fund
Evelyn and Herbert Berman School Fund
Elizabeth and Simon Cohen Fund
Saundra Fried Memorial Fund
Doris Kassler Memorial Fund
Dr. Percy Lightman Award Fund
PTA and General Scholarship Fund
Julian Pactovis Memorial Fund
Robert Provizer Scholarship Fund
Ruth Rosenberg Scholarship Fund
General Prozdor Scholarship Fund

Scholarship – Summer Camp and Israel
These funds assist children of Temple Emanuel members attending Jewish summer camps or various programs in Israel
Samuel Diengott Scholarship Fund
   Scholarship for Jewish summer camp

Rochelle Lifson Scholarship Fund
   Scholarship for Jewish summer camp

David Shapiro Israel Scholarship Fund
   Provides grant for student Israel travel programs

Israel and Camp Scholarship Fund
   Scholarship for summer studies and camp

Scholarship – Lifelong Learning
These funds provide scholarships for Temple Emanuel members attending higher education and Jewish study immersion programs
Merle Orren Scholars Transformation (MOST) Program
   Assists Temple Emanuel adult members attend a
Jewish study immersion program

Philip Shapero Scholarship Fund
   Assists Temple Emanuel members who attend the
Jewish Theological Seminary and List College

Special Needs
Assists families within the congregation with special needs
Dorothy Gordon Memorial Fund
   Funds psychotherapy services

Sylvia and Mort Grossman Person to Person Fund
   Supports the caring community of Temple Emanuel

Rosenblatt Stars of David Fund
   Provides Jewish adults with developmental and
other disabilities opportunities to participate in
the social and religious life of the synagogue

Youth and Sports Funds
Supports athletic activities and leadership development among our youth
Keith C. Field Athletic Fund
   Athletic based interests – currently supports the
USY basketball team

Roslyn and Martin Gold Youth Leadership Fund
   Scholarship and new program seed money,
encouraging young individuals to seek ways to
distinguish themselves and further their Jewish skills,
knowledge or leadership

Youth Department Gift Fund
   Provides general support for the Youth Department

General Funds
These are unrestricted funds for general programming subject to approval by the committee and executive leadership of the synagogue
Fay and Raymond Miller Memorial Fund
David Sherter Memorial Fund
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
Ritual Director’s Fund
Cantor’s Music Fund
Temple Emanuel General Fund