Update on Syrian family & Continued Support

We are thrilled to share with you that the family we are hosting from Syria is thriving!  One of the amazing things we have learned about them is that their family history links them to the Yazidi people.  We wanted to share with you this beautiful profile of their family experiencing their first Passover with our amazing hosts, Rachel and Michael Miller, and Rachel’s incredible mother, Channah Berkovitz.   Read the blog post at PRI’s The World

Rachel says of their experience: “When she arrived three months ago, one of our Syrian guests was a shy 12 year, hesitant to speak, wary to try new foods, and  fearful of our two cats.  Now she dances around our kitchen singing Turkish songs, attends middle school dances, tries my lasagna and my matzah ball soup, regularly translates from English for her parents, and on Monday and Tuesday night, recited the four questions in Arabic in front of our joined families and friends at our Passover Seders.  Another miracle of the season.”

Thank you for your ongoing support which enables so many miracles to happen!

Please follow this link to continue to support the family’s ongoing journey to follow their own American dream.

With warmest wishes and many blessings,
Rabbi Michelle Robinson
Alan Teperow