Humans of TE: Michael O’Malley

Humans of TE: One Story at a Time – Michael O’Malley #TEGivesThanks #ComeHometoTE

This November, Temple Emanuel gives THANKS to YOU, our community. Join us each day as we highlight a fascinating member of our community.

Michael O’Malley

“Before working as a Security Associate at Temple Emanuel, I was a Volunteer firefighter for 3 years for the Amherst Fire Department assigned to Engine Company 3 during my time as a student at UMass Amherst. It was the moment in my life where I realized I wanted to persue the fire service as my full time career.  I pride myself in my strong work ethic and type A personality.

The most defining moment of my life was when I traveled to Ireland to visit my family on their farm in northern Ireland in the County Mayo. It was life changing because I got to see where my great grandfather was born and I got to meet so many other family members that I didn’t know existed.

Fun Fact About Me? I am colorblind.”