Shabbat Talmud Study: A Simple Move That Will Change the Tone of Your Life and of Our Time

Have you received an angry email that gave you indigestion?
Have you sent such an angry email to somebody else?

Is there somebody at your Thanksgiving table that you dread talking to because you see the world so differently, and if you go there, your blood pressure will rise, and if you don’t go there, there is an elephant in the room?

Last week I read something from a colleague that is simple, hidden in plain sight. It is deeply rooted in Jewish texts and values, from Pirkei Avot, to the Babylonian Talmud, to our portion this week (Parshat Vayishlach). It is wise. It is helpful. It is already making a difference for me. You can do it too. After you start doing it, you may wonder, as I have, why did I not do this before? On Shabbat we will explore a simple move that can change the tone of your life and of our time.

Happy Thanksgiving, Shabbat shalom,
and see you on Shabbat at 8:30.