Shabbat Talmud Study: How Can We Be Better After Pittsburgh?–A Spiritual Response to the Massacre at Tree of Life

Most of the conversations after Pittsburgh have been hard, sad, and necessary. How much security should there be? Can the Holocaust happen here? Is America going to be like Europe for Jews? Then there is the politics. The violence and murder, coming in a deeply divided red or blue society, so close to the pivotal mid-term elections, has our nation, our community, and individual souls, at a boiling point.

Tomorrow morning I want to ask a different question and frame a different conversation. I want us to move from a negative energy to a positive energy conversation. How can we be better after Pittsburgh? What would a sane, sustainable, healthy spiritual response to the Tree of Life massacre look like? How can your life be better, deeper, more impactful after, and because of, Pittsburgh?

See you tomorrow at 8:30.

Shabbat Shalom,