Shabbat Talmud Study: How We Teach, for Good and for Bad, Without Intending to Teach, Just by Living

In the annals of the human story, it is hard to imagine a more arrogant person than Joseph. Who dreams that their siblings will bow down to him? Who dreams that their sibling and parents will bow down to him? Joseph.

But here is the sobering thing. Joseph became who Joseph became because of how his father Jacob raised him. Jacob created an arrogant monster. If you had asked Jacob, when Joseph was born, do you want to create the most arrogant person in the history of the world, Jacob would probably say no. But the choices Jacob made, how he raised Joseph, promoted the arrogant man that Joseph became.

We do our best teaching when we are not intending to teach at all.

We do our best teaching by how we live.

Tomorrow morning we will see the power of this truth for good and for bad.

Shabbat shalom,