Talmud This Shabbat: Is There An Elegant, Unifying Hypothesis to Explain Our Broken Country and Our Broken World?

The litany of woes befalling our country and our world is heartbreaking and familiar, against the backdrop of a political system so toxic and divided that we cannot even communicate civilly about, let alone solve, our problems.

Is there some elegant, unifying hypothesis that can explain what went wrong and what we might do to fix it?

The answer is yes. In twenty pages, Jonathan Sacks does just that. Attached is his introduction to his new book, Morality: Restoring the Common Good in Divided Times, entitled “Cultural Climate Change.” In brilliant and lucid prose, he gets at what ails our country and our world.

What is his core insight?

Do you agree with it?

What claim does it make on you?

On Shabbat morning, Michelle, Elias, Aliza, Dan and I will discuss his diagnosis and prescription—and what it means for how we lead our lives.

Is his wisdom what the world needs now?